How commercial insurance can save your small business

Texas has an excellent climate for small businesses. The tax burden is lower than in most other places, which gives you a leg up, but many small companies will still fail despite that. Commercial insurance adds a layer of protection that can help save your small business because of the protection it offers. At Main Street Independent Insurance Agencies Inc. in  Ft. Worth, TX, our business is to help you protect your business. 

Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance can save your business by protecting it from things that could damage your location. You don’t have to own the building your business is in to benefit from this type of insurance. Beyond just the physical building that houses your business, it also covers everything you use to do business. That will be different for every small business since a store uses different things than a plumber. It covers tools, inventory, fixtures, machinery, and lots more. It will get you back into business much quicker than if you didn’t have commercial property insurance. 

Commercial liability insurance

Being sued is a real danger to small businesses. Your risk of being sued is much greater than you probably realize, and you can be put out of business quite easily if you get into legal proceedings. Your liability insurance will cover a judgment up to its limit and legal expenses. 

Business interruption insurance

When a covered hazard hits your business, it may have to close for an extended period. No income will be coming in. You still have expenses. Business interruption insurance helps you pay bills, rent, and even employees. It can be a lifesaver and a business saver. 

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