The Importance of Taking Photos After a Car Accident

At Main Street Independent Insurance, serving the Ft. Worth, TX area, we highly recommend that you take photographs after a car accident. However, you may not understand why this is recommended. Here are a few of the reasons why we recommend you take photos immediately after a car accident. 

Helps Show the Damage Done

Following a car accident, some people claim more damage was done to their car than what was really done. When you take photographs of both your car and the other car, you are able to document the exact condition of both cars. This helps to ensure you are not required to pay for damage that is not there or could not have been caused by your accident. 

Can Show the Reason for the Accident

In some cases, there are extenuating circumstances that caused the accident. The road may be icy, in poor condition, or trees may have been blocking a stop sign. After a car accident, be sure to take pictures to document exactly what caused the accident and why it may not have been your fault. 

May Help Prove Fault

The last reason you should take photographs of the accident scene is that it may help to prove fault. In some cases, it comes down to your word against the other drivers if there is no proof of who was at fault. But pictures may show who was at fault based on the final position of the cars. Taking photos may help you to prove that you were not at fault. 

Following a car accident, your current insurance company may try to raise your auto insurance rates. If they do, take the time to shop around. Here at Main Street Independent Insurance, serving the Ft. Worth, TX area, we are committed to providing reliable insurance for all drivers. Call us today for a quote or try our online rating tool.