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Texas Life Insurance Coverage

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the wisest century-old policies to be devised. For policyholders, taking these coverage options will be of great value to you and your beneficiaries. In definition, a life insurance policy is a protection against financial loss in the event of death. In short, you are shielding your loved ones from financial strains when you pass on.

The Three Types of Life Insurance

At Main Street Independent Insurance Agencies Inc., a life policy can be a whole life policy, a universal, or term life policy. These three differ in time, features, and benefits.

A whole life policy has premiums that are paid throughout a policy holder’s life. Upon maturity, a compensation of a lump sum figure is given to your beneficiary.

A universal policy is a blend of a term life policy and an avenue for growing your cash reserves. These policies have cash values like bonds and are purchased through premiums that are paid until maturity. They are also highly flexible. If you are residing in Texas, Main Street Independent Insurance Agencies Inc. gives you the liberty to increase or decrease your beneficiary’s benefits. Universal policies vary from age to age. It is advisable to take up a life insurance policy now. This is because as you become older, the interest levels charged for your premiums by companies in Ft. Worth, TX grow too.

Term-life insurance is another policy option. This is a time-limited policy that lasts between 10 and 30 years. They have benefits like flexibility and the ability to opt out. At Main Street Independent Insurance Agencies Inc., we offer the option of leaving the policy by compensating with a surrender value. The surrender value offered by companies in Texas and Colorado vary. The awarded figure is dependent on the time and size of premiums paid.

Depending on your age, one of the three policies can suit you if you are a Texas citizen who wants a reliable life insurance policy. For younger policyholders, term-life policies are advisable because they accrue money and offer flexibility. This flexibility happens because they double up as investments and life policies.

To get a personal explanation and information on life insurance, contact us or visit our offices in Ft. Worth, TX.

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