Does my auto policy cover rental cars when vacationing?

People sometimes have auto accidents while driving a rental vehicle. These events raise questions about our insurance coverage and whether to buy rental insurance from the rental car agency. Since the answer depends on your insurance coverage, contact the Main Street Independent Insurance Agencies Inc. team serving Ft. Worth, TX, before renting your next vehicle.

Rental Car Insurance

Most rental car agencies offer insurance, typically including four categories: liability, loss/collision damage waiver, personal injury and medical protection, and personal effects. As a responsible driver, you should have coverage for these potential losses. However, if you have liability, collision, comprehensive, and medical personal injury protection as part of your personal auto policy, that coverage likely extends to when you drive a rental vehicle. In addition, your homeowner, condo, or renter’s policy generally covers personal effects stolen from a rental car. 

The combination means that existing policies cover rental vehicle accidents for many people, so buying rental insurance is often unnecessary. Still, you should confirm your coverage and deductibles with your agent before renting a vehicle.

Even when your policies offer protection, you may want to consider rental insurance:

  • If your personal policy has high deductibles or low limits
  • When traveling for business (which is not covered by your personal policy)
  • When traveling outside the U.S. and Canada, where your personal policy typically does not apply
  • To avoid involving your personal policy or paying for damages out-of-pocket before receiving your personal policy reimbursement.

Working with Main Street Independent Insurance Agencies Inc.

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