Do I Need Commercial Insurance on Employee Vehicles?

If you run a business in Ft. Worth, TX, and that business uses automobiles for work purposes, then you need to know about commercial insurance. This is insurance for vehicles explicitly used for work functions (commuting to and from work is not included in that). Here at Main Street Independent Insurance Agencies Inc., we get a lot of questions. So, let’s take a minute to talk about the different situations where you might want to consider commercial insurance.

Who Owns the Vehicle?

If the company owns the vehicle, then you definitely need a commercial insurance policy on it. The company could be liable for damages if the vehicle is involved in an accident or collision. Commercial insurance provides coverage in the case of such liability.

Additionally, the policy can cover the vehicle in case of a collision. This helps to protect company assets.

Who Drives the Vehicle?

If you don’t own the vehicle, you might still need a commercial policy, depending on how the vehicle is used for work. For instance, if you pay an employee to do deliveries with their own truck, then you still need a commercial policy.

You can look to customize the policy. The goals of this type of policy are to protect the employee in the case of work-related injuries and also to provide liability. A vehicle used for work purposes could still potentially make the company liable for damages — even if the company doesn’t own the vehicle. 

Remember that this specific type of coverage may be referred to as “hired” or “non-owned” auto policies.

Does the Vehicle Represent Your Company at All?

Here’s the final verdict. If the vehicle is working in an official capacity for your Ft. Worth, TX, business, then the business could be held liable for damages caused by that vehicle. Even if you pay someone to drive with an advertisement for your business on their van, you should speak with your Main Street Independent Insurance Agencies Inc. representative. You want to ensure that you are covered for any liability issues that could arise.